Teaching and Demonstrations

Michèle J. Kenna teaching testimonials

Michèle J. Kenna is an artist based on the North Shore of Massachusetts who also teaches soft pastel painting to adults, from beginners to experienced artists. Her indoor classes are held at Porter Mill Studios, 95 Rantoul Street, Beverly, MA. She also takes students out for days "en plein air" to paint outdoors, taking in the beautiful sights and colors of the summer and fall seasons in New England.


"I first met Michèle Kenna in the fall of 2017 while attending an Open House at Porter Mill Studios in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was during this tour of the open studios that I was immediately attracted to not only Michèle’s outgoing and upbeat personality but to her phenomenal art work that was displayed in her studio/gallery. Having always wanted to try pastels, I inquired about taking pastel painting classes with her, which I ended up doing this past winter of 2018. I highly recommend Michèle, a seasoned and accomplished pastel artist and great teacher who is very engaging, energetic and just plain fun to spend time with." – Susan Egan, Beverly, MA

"Michèle is everything you would want in an art teacher: patient, non-judgmental, full of encouragement and suggestions to improve my work. She would explain different concepts very clearly and provide lots of wonderful demonstrations. I always enjoyed my classes with Michèle. I'd come away feeling positive about my work and excited about the new challenges to come in the next class." – Kathy McBourne, Toronto Canada

Private Lessons for Adults

Michèle J. Kenna lessons in soft pastel

It is never too early or too late to begin. Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to refresh your artistic skills, Michèle will get you back on track. You will learn how to apply pastel sticks of pure color to paper and create a rich, dramatic and successful painting. Michèle will do demonstrations and offer constructive critiques which are all part of the learning process. Private lessons are tailored to your individual needs along with knowledgeable instruction in color, composition and technique. Michèle encourages creative experimentation to increase confidence. For outdoor "en plein air" classes, you will complete a landscape painting depicting the natural setting around you. For indoor classes in the studio, you will create a painting from a favorite photograph or from your imagination.

Age: Adult
Six 2-1/2 hour lessons: $250

Please call 978-335-3999 or email mjkpainterlypastels@gmail.com for more information or to make a reservation.

Outdoor Lessons "En Plein Air"

Student learning soft pastel painting from Michèle J. Kenna in Essex, MA.

In good weather, you and Michèle might explore one of the North Shore's expansive marshes, rocky Atlantic shores, majestic country estates or quiet apple orchards to capture your experience in soft pastels. You choose the day and time. In the event of inclement weather, lessons take place in the Porter Mill Studios, 95 Rantoul Street, Beverly, MA. Some materials are provided.

Age: Adult
Six 2-1/2 hour lessons: $250
One 3-hour private lesson: $75 for one person, $135 for two people

Please call 978-335-3999 or email mjkpainterlypastels@gmail.com for more information or to make a reservation.


Michèle J. Kenna demonstrations

One of my favorite things to do is to share my love of pastels and to teach people how to create a loose semi-abstract landscape full of color, movement and feeling. Having done many demos at different art associations and private gatherings, I have learned that many artists strive to get away from strict realism and explore the endless possibilities in semi-abstract painting.

If you are interested in having me do a demonstration, please contact me at mjkpainterlypastels@gmail.com.

Gift Certificates are Available Too

If you'd like to give the gift of lessons to someone special, please call 978-335-3999 or email mjkpainterlypastels@gmail.com to request a custom gift certificate.

Michèle J. Kenna Gift Certificates for Painting Lessons